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Mistress Vivian Rocks Provocatalk!

Last week our Mistress Interviews continued and we were fortunate enough to have as our guest, Mistress Vivian.  Mistress Vivian is a lifestyle femdom and one of the sexiest MILFs on the phone sex chat lines you’ve ever spoken with.  Ms Viv and I had so much fun talking about the boys and dishing about the sissies.  We discussed all the wonderful things Ms Viv does, from her forum sections at tease mania and get girlie to her very own adult internet radio show on cock radio.  Did you miss it?  Well, not to worry, it’s playing all this week on cock radio from 6 to 7:30PM Eastern.  Want to hear Ms Viv live and in person?  Tune in to Cock Radio on Saturday nights for Manipulated Manhood at 10PM Eastern.  But, if you want to hear the interview, it’s right here:

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