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About Provocatalk

Provocatalk is brought to you by the folks who created Community Kink, Stroke for Me and Vox Erotic

As of February, 2008, Provocatalk is in its fledgling stages. We have about 20 hours of archived programming at this point, all dealing with the private kinky lives of people across the world.

Especially in the US, there is a huge difference between the things people do and think in private, and the things they can admit to others to doing and thinking. Provocatalk aims to bridge the gap between who we really are as kinky, sexual beings, and who we show the world we are (but really aren’t).

Through discussions with kinky people throughout the world, Provocatalk will be one more example of how, no matter how kinky you are, no matter how unusual you think your sexual preferences and activities are – there are many, many others out there who are interested in the same kinky things you are, who are going through the same life challenges you face yourself.

So get involved in the Provocative Revolution! Tune in often to Provocatalk, call in and share your story, and help us in our efforts to make the world a more provocative place.

All of the Provocatalkers you hear on Provocatalk are available for one on one erotic phone sessions – for more information about our phone sessions, visit Vox Erotic Phone Sex

For a list of all the shows, click here to visit the Provocatalk Radio Page on Talk Shoe